Different holidays: enjoy a well-deserved rest

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Are you going on a trip? Learn how to enjoy a well-deserved rest

If God, creator of the universe, made it in 6 working days and used one for rest, it is a sign that taking a break from work is important. Just relax! Don’t use one day just a week, go on a trip. Know the benefits of recreation, choose the destination and the right way.
There are those who end up more exhausted and anxious when they return from the trip than when they leave. With whom, where and how we travel are three essential questions if you are looking to spend some very comfortable days.

Benefits to goin on a trip

  • Do you have time for yourself? Have you ever thought how many hours a day you dedicate to other’s projects, ventures and dreams? If you go on a trip you invest hours in your ideas.
  • It is an opportunity to renew yourself, to rethink yourself, by resting your body, spirit and mind to reconnect with greater clarity, energy and enthusiasm.
  • You learn new things. Going out on an adventure into the unknown tests your knowledge and skills, redefining some concepts and ideas about yourself and your surroundings.
  • You share with your family, that’s your best investment. Children grow and their interests change, enjoying them in childhood or adolescence is an experience that strengthens their relationships and increases their self-esteem.
  • You revalue your home, but especially that which defines you and gives you a place in the world, home.

We are convinced that getting away from urban spaces and to connect with the organic and natural is the ideal proposal. That is why at Mallorca on Road we are committed to a different enjoyment, natural tourism by road shared with your family or friends.

The adventure begins at home

To travel is to have time, to plan a route, to improvise, to be able to decide and change your mind, to live together and to get along with others. It’s not just destinations that matter, but your routes too. A journey begins as soon as you leave home.

If you really want to feel rest, go out in a camper, it is a ride with a vehicle that brings everything together. The best thing about this tour is a particular atmosphere that is created where you appropriate the outdoors and the nature that surrounds you.

To breath fresh air and to enjoy the sun are some of the advantages of these walks, in which you test your physical abilities because they are trips that are linked to the practice of many sports.

It is a good contemplation exercise; an opportunity to reflect, meditate, empty and look inside.
Nature is very energizing and beneficial for children. The natural spaces awaken their creativity, curiosity, desire to explore and keep them more serene.

Trips to nature and by camper promote values ​​such as respect, responsibility, generosity, tolerance and detachment.

What happens if you don't take a break?

You will get sick, physically, mentally or emotionally. The mind and spirit are the first to be exhausted and finally the physical body that somatizes or expresses with symptoms and signs that repressed and growing dissatisfaction.

When we do not stop our work activities, it affects our relationships with others. We become irritable, silent, passive and the worst thing is that we drain with those who demand our attention the most, our partner and children.

As you can see, going on holidays is not only a right but also a duty to preserve healthy coexistence in the family environment and promote a healthy lifestyle at a collective level.

The lack of rest not only makes a member of the family sick, but it also influences the development, way of being and acting of a society.

And you, since when have you not taken a break?